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Holding the Makers of Taxotere Responsible

Five Ways to Cope with Permanent Hair Loss from Taxotere

cancer heartPatients undergoing chemotherapy are prepared ahead of time for the possible side effects that can accompany their treatment. One of those side effects can be temporary hair loss. Losing one’s hair can be a traumatic experience. Many people on chemotherapy are encouraged by family and friends to look ahead to the future. A future where the person is free from cancer and their hair can grow back.

Unfortunately, that may not be a future that exists for some chemotherapy patients treated with the drug Taxotere. Studies indicate that Taxotere use has been linked to permanent hair loss in some individuals.

The realization that your hair may never grow back thanks to an undisclosed side effect can hit people extremely hard. It is normal to experience grief, anger, and frustration. At Hotze Runkle PLLC, we understand that working through your emotions can be difficult and painful. Our team wants to offer you unconditional support and offer five ways that may help you cope with permanent hair loss from Taxotere.

Seek Help from Others

When you are coping with permanent hair loss, you may feel like no one understands what you are dealing with in your life. Talking to other people who have walked a mile in your shoes can help. Consider seeking out a support group that focuses on hair loss. In these groups, you can safely express your emotions and get advice from people who know what you are going through. You may also want to consider professional counseling or talk therapy. A therapist is a neutral third party who can offer you coping strategies and support, not judgment.

Hospitals may have a message board posting information about local support groups, and your insurance provider may offer a list of therapy providers in your area. You can also try these online resources:

Don’t Be Taken in by Snake Oil

scarf styleOne of the first things people coping with permanent hair loss do is research ways to prevent further hair loss or regrow new hair. Only your doctor can tell you what to expect and what treatments may be possible. Although you may be feeling vulnerable, do not be taken in by scams and snake oil salesmen who promise miracle hair regrowth cures. Taxotere can cause permanent and irreversible hair loss. Creams, pills, shampoos, and oils will not bring your hair back. What they will do is drain you of money and hope, making the hair loss experience even more frustrating.

Explore New Styles

Now could be the time to treat yourself to a well-deserved shopping spree where you get the opportunity to explore new styles. Experiment with hats and headscarves. These accessories can punch up your wardrobe and give you a boost of confidence. Look for scarves made from soft fabrics that will be gentle on your head. Hats come in a range of styles, from sporty baseball caps to stylish fedoras and functional and flattering sunhats.

Consider a Wig

The wigs of today are not the same fake-looking acrylic hairpieces of yesterday. Wigs now come in a wide range of colors, styles, and materials. Synthetic wigs have a much more natural appearance and feel. They also come in a variety of price points that fit most budgets. On the higher end of the spectrum, there are natural hair wigs. These wigs are crafted using real human hair. If possible, visit a wig shop in your area so that you can try wigs on. You can get a better sense of the feel, style, and fit. A professional can ensure that your wig fits properly and show you how to care for your new hair. Once you find what works for you, you can experiment with online wig shops.

Be Bold and Accept Bald

live life cancerYou are a strong and beautiful individual who just beat cancer. Don’t let the makers of Taxotere diminish that accomplishment. It is okay to mourn the loss of your hair. At the same time, you can also grow to love the new you. You may feel empowered by embracing your hair loss. Look to those who inspire you for guidance and see if you can find something liberating about your new style.

Contact an Experienced Taxotere Attorney Today

Permanent hair loss was one of many side effects not disclosed by the maker of Taxotere. If you have suffered permanent hair loss, severe nail-related adverse reactions, or ‘extreme watery eyes’ (epiphora) as a result of developing canalicular stenosis after being treated with Taxotere, you may be entitled to seek compensation. Take our online case evaluation quiz to find out if you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

The legal team at Hotze Runkle PLLC can review your case and advise you of your legal options for recovering compensation. While we would never take control of your medical treatment choices, we can offer you advice about how to speak to your doctor about treatment options and gather the medical documentation needed to support your case. With your permission, we can also speak with your doctor to explain the case and help them understand the behavior of the drug manufacturer and the risks associated with Taxotere. Patients deserve to be able to give truly informed consent.

For a private consultation with one of our experienced Taxotere attorneys, call our office today at (800) 763-6155 or take the case evaluation quiz and someone will get in touch. For more information about the firm, our lawyers, and the case, visit our Video FAQ page.

Remember, you are not alone. Hotze Runkle PLLC is here to help patients from all over the United States stand up to this pharmaceutical company who put profits ahead of people and fight for the justice they deserve.