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Holding the Makers of Taxotere Responsible

Video FAQs

How long does it take to receive money after conclusion of a case?

What percentage of cases settle versus going to trial?

How is the value of a case determined?

What does Kristin find most rewarding about being an attorney?

What questions are asked at a deposition and what is the attorney’s role?

How much time should a case take?

Why is choosing the right lawyer the most important element in a lawsuit?

Does Hotze Runkle hear from clients it has represented in the past?

What does Karen you hope people say about her career as an attorney?

What made Ryan Runkle want to become an attorney?

Why should people consider hiring Hotze Runkle?

Why does Hotze Runkle offer a free consultation and how are cases case paid for?

Do all cases go to trial?

Can clients contact you with questions about their case?

What does Justin hope people say about his career as an attorney?

What are some common mistakes made by injury victims?

What does statute of limitations mean?

What does Karen like most about being an attorney?

Does it matter where clients are located?

How does Karen feel when a case has been successfully completed?

Should a person sue a chemotherapy drug manufacturer if their cancer was successfully treated? – Patrick

What’s the next step if your eyes are watering?

What kinds of defective product cases does Hotze Runkle handle?

Who can be sued for pharmaceutical complications?

Can an attorney settle a client’s case without asking them?

What is a deposition?

Does a person have to file a lawsuit if they hire an attorney? – Justin

Should chemotherapy drug manufacturers face lawsuits if their products successfully treat cancer? – Justin

Can clients contact you with questions about their cases?

Who can be sued for Taxotere complications?

What’s the next step for people experiencing watering in their eyes after taking Taxotere?

Why does Hotze Runkle prepare every case as if it’s going to trial?

How can a person tell ifthey have a potential lawsuit for Taxotere watery eyes?

Why do people take Taxotere and what are some side effects?

Why didn’t doctors know about Taxotere’s side effects?

Why are people suing the manufacturer of Taxotere?

What should people know about the Taxotere lawsuit?

Who can be held liable for Taxotere complications? – Patrick

Does taking Taxotere cause watery eyes?

Could the manufacturer of Taxotere have prevented this damage to cancer patients’ eyes?