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National Taxotere Lawsuit Attorneys Serving Pennsylvania

National Taxotere Lawsuit Attorneys Serving Pennsylvania

If you were diagnosed with canalicular stenosis after taking Taxotere, take our quiz for help today. Our Pennsylvania Taxotere lawsuit lawyers have years of experience handling cases just like yours. We understand breast cancer is devastating enough without the debilitating side effects of a drug designed to help you. You might be entitled to financial compensation for the necessary treatment or surgery of your diagnosed condition.

We dedicate ourselves to seeking justice for our clients and ensuring their rights stay protected throughout their case. We know this type of side effect negatively impacted your life and ability to perform routine tasks. We use all the resources at our disposal to reach a favorable outcome in our clients’ cases. You won’t be alone during this challenging time in your life. Our Pennsylvania Taxotere lawsuit lawyers treat each case and client as their top priority. We will be there for you when you need us to provide legal guidance and emotional support.

The physical, emotional, and financial strain canalicular stenosis can cause on your life can be overwhelming. A drug that’s supposed to help treat cancer should never cause additional and lasting harm. We believe in seeking the maximum compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. We’ll stay by your side to help you get through the complex legal process ahead.

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    What is Canalicular Stenosis?

    Canalicular stenosis happens when infection or inflammation causes the canaliculus to close. The canaliculus is responsible for funneling tears through the tear ducts. When the canaliculus closes, tears are unable to drain out through the nasal passage properly. That results in epiphora, the excessive watering of the eye. If untreated, epiphora leads to the more severe diagnosis of Canalicular Stenosis.

    There are many unpleasant side effects caused by Taxotere. People undergoing this particular treatment for breast cancer came forward, complaining of uncomfortable symptoms. These symptoms affect an individual’s everyday life. They prevent you from performing your job, completing routine tasks, and enjoying your life. No one should beat breast cancer only to face another taxing diagnosis requiring painful and expensive treatments. The most common symptoms associated with taking Taxotere include:

    • Excessive tearing
    • Blurred vision
    • Headaches
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Dry eyes
    • Swollen eyelids
    • Clouding of the eye lens
    • Eye infections
    • Cystoid macular edema

    The only treatment for canalicular stenosis is an invasive surgical procedure that doesn’t permanently resolve the symptoms. Continued maintenance is often required even after the successful completion of the surgery. DCR, dacryocystorhinostomy, creates a new channel for tears to properly travel from the eye to the nose with the placement of a stent. It allows tears to bypass the obstructed tear duct altogether, so they function as intended. DCR is expensive, painful, and not guaranteed. There are various risks associated with this surgery that could potentially cause issues in addition to the ones you already experience. Some of these risks include:

    • Excessive bleeding
    • Facial scars
    • Blindness
    • Infections
    • Displaced stent

    Symptoms like this are disruptive to anyone’s life. It’s not only an annoyance; it’s also emotionally and psychologically damaging for anyone experiencing it. If you’ve experienced any of these side effects from the chemotherapy drug or surgery to correct them, be sure to reach out to a knowledgeable member of our team today.

    How Do I know If I’m Entitled to Compensation?

    Sanofi-Aventis, the drug’s manufacturer, received thousands of lawsuits citing false marketing and failure to disclose the serious side effects adequately. Despite Taxotere’s availability since 1998, Sanofi and the FDA didn’t release any warnings about possible adverse reactions until 2014. Additionally, a former employee of Sanofi accused the company of paying physicians to prescribe the drug for uses the FDA never approved. The manufacturer’s utter negligence led to an onslaught of plaintiffs coming forward to recover compensation.

    If your oncologist prescribed Taxotere and you developed any symptoms of epiphora or canalicular stenosis, you have a right to hold the drug manufacturer responsible for their careless actions. Their failure to disclose adverse side effects and improperly market their drug falls under the category of negligence. It’s every pharmaceutical company’s responsibility to ensure their products are safe. In the state of Pennsylvania, you have two years from the injury date to file a lawsuit. Once the two years pass, you lose your right to file a lawsuit.

    Going up against any corporation seems like a daunting task. You’re unsure of your rights and don’t even know where to begin. With the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re in excellent hands. We know the ins and outs of insurance claims and litigation. When you hire one of the Pennsylvania Taxotere lawsuit lawyers from Hotze Runkle PLLC, we will review the details of your case and determine which strategy works best to reach the outcome you want.

    How Much Compensation Could I Receive from a Lawsuit?

    There are many economic and non-economic damages you could seek compensation for in a Taxotere lawsuit. Damages are losses incurred as a direct result of an injury. Economic damages are expenses, such as medical bills, while non-economic damages are physical or emotional pain you endured. You’re eligible to recover a financial award for the following damages:

    • Medical Bills: Any necessary medical treatment used to alleviate or cure your symptoms, such as ER visits, surgery, prescription medications, and assistive medical devices.
    • Lost Wages: Any past or future pay you’re unable to earn because of your diagnosis. That includes salary, commissions, promotions, bonuses, and earned paid time off.
    • Pain and Suffering: Significant physical pain endured that directly affects your ability to enjoy your life.
    • Emotional Distress: Distress, anxiety, depression, or any number of psychological or emotional pain caused by someone else’s negligence.
    • Loss of Consortium: A loved one could seek compensation for any negative impacts on their relationship with the injured individual.

    The amount of compensation you could receive from a lawsuit depends on the symptoms you experience and how much it affects your life. If your symptoms are permanent, you could recover a settlement that allows for payment of past and future treatment necessary to manage the issues from taking Taxotere.

    While we’re investigating your claim and gathering appropriate evidence, we’ll discuss how much your case is worth and recommend a number we believe is fair. Throughout your lawsuit, we’ll explain in detail what to expect and how we’ll handle any obstacle that comes our way. We never pressure our clients into making decisions they’re not comfortable making. It’s our job to advise you on what your options are so you’re able to choose the path that works best for you.

    How Can a Pennsylvania Taxotere Lawsuit Lawyer Help Me?

    National Taxotere Lawsuit Attorneys Serving PennsylvaniaSome of those who’ve suffered severe side effects from Taxotere might wonder if seeking compensation is possible on their own. If you’re unfamiliar with the legal process and Pennsylvania laws, you run the risk of getting bulldozed by the opposing party’s liability insurance carrier and defense attorneys. Most people don’t understand the documentation necessary to build a strong case and prove their condition didn’t result from a different incident. If you’re new to lawsuits and insurance claims, you’ll likely get taken advantage of and accept a settlement offer much lower than you deserve.

    The Pennsylvania Taxotere lawsuit lawyers at Hotze Runkle PLLC recovered millions of dollars for clients like you. We know where to find the necessary evidence showing liability on the part of another person or company. It’s our experience that allows us to effectively battle big pharma and rectify the traumatic situation for our clients. We use our skills and knowledge to prove your claim is substantial, and the liable party should pay for your suffering. We’ll handle all the problematic aspects of your case, so you’re able to focus on moving forward with your life.

    Call Hotze Runkle PLLC to Schedule Your Free Consultation

    We don’t believe in adding to the financial burden you already face. That’s why we offer all prospective clients a free consultation. There’s no risk or obligation to speak with us about your case and provide advice on what you should do next. We believe in the importance of creating a comfortable environment for everyone who walks through our doors. It’s our goal to ensure our clients feel relaxed and safe in our presence. Whenever you call our office, we’ll treat you with respect and professionalism, no matter what. We’re sensitive to the fact that you’re under an enormous amount of pressure and want this situation resolved promptly.

    The Pennsylvania Taxotere lawsuit lawyers at Hotze Runkle PLLC dedicate our time and attention to each client and focus on their individualized needs. We’re available 24/7, so you’re provided access to us at a time when it’s most convenient for you. Our commitment to superior customer service is what sets us apart from other firms. You’re not just a number to us. We treat our clients like family. What’s important to you becomes important to us. You can depend on our unwavering compassion and honest communication.