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Holding the Makers of Taxotere Responsible

Rebuilding Immunity After Taxotere

Rebuilding Immunity After Taxotere

Taxotere is a drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help treat certain forms of cancer. It works by inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells, preventing their spread to other areas. However, Taxotere and chemotherapy treatment can tax the body and inhibit its natural immune response. Individuals undergoing or recently finished with chemotherapy treatment are at an increased risk of developing illnesses and infections, and rebuilding immunity after Taxotere treatment is vital but challenging.

At Hotze Runkle PLLC, we know you may feel overwhelmed by the side effects of your Taxotere treatment, especially the undisclosed side effects of the drug, like the eye condition canalicular stenosis. Depending on your circumstances and the severity of your Taxotere side effects, you may be considering or in the process of seeking compensation for your injuries and losses. It’s crucial that you take the time to care for yourself and rebuild your body’s natural immune system.

How Does Taxotere Affect the Immune System?

Taxotere and other chemotherapy drugs work together to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy is so effective because it kills fast-growing cancer cells. However, chemotherapy drugs cannot distinguish between fast-growing cancer cells and other healthy fast-growing cells in the blood, bone marrow, intestinal tract, and other body parts and systems. Infection-fighting white blood cells can be destroyed by chemotherapy treatment, making it more challenging for the body to respond and fight off illness and infections.

Links Between Taxotere and Canalicular Stenosis

In addition to weakening the immune system, studies have linked Taxotere to other severe and previously undisclosed side effects, like developing canalicular stenosis.

Canalicular stenosis is a significant eye condition that results in the narrowing or total obstruction of the canalicular channels. These channels are part of the crucial network of tubes, sacs, and glands that help produce and distribute tears to the eyes, keeping them healthy and moisturized. Every time a person blinks, tears from the tear duct get distributed across the eye. Canalicular stenosis interrupts this process by restricting normal tear flow through the canalicular channels. Narrowing of the channels can become so significant that tears never reach the eye, and instead will flow uncontrollably down an individual’s face.

Those experiencing this significant and disruptive side effect following Taxotere treatment may be eligible to pursue compensation for their injuries and financial losses via a Taxotere lawsuit.

Tips for Boosting Your Immune System Post-Chemotherapy

Many cancer patients hope that their immune system will return to normal following chemotherapy and Taxotere treatment. However, new studies indicate that it may take longer than previously thought for the body’s immune response to return. One study suggests the immune system may be compromised for up to nine months after chemotherapy treatment ends, especially in early-stage breast cancer patients. The study also shows that individuals treated with cyclophosphamide and Taxotere had significantly depressed levels of lymphocytes, measuring at only 64 percent of pre-chemotherapy levels. That means the timeline for immune recovery after chemotherapy with Taxotere may be longer than previously believed for many cancer survivors.

How can you help rebuild your body’s immunity after Taxotere treatment? Start with the basics and some common-sense immune system boosters. The following tips can help you with your physical recovery following Taxotere treatment.

Get Enough Sleep

Start by getting enough rest. Sleep is when our bodies recover and repair. During sleep, the immune system releases proteins like cytokines and infection-fighting antibodies and cells. Lack of sleep can decrease the production of these cells and further increase a person’s risk of developing an illness or infection. Sleeping enough at night can help your body naturally repair your compromised immune system.

Prioritize Nutrition for Immune Health After Taxotere

Your body also needs fuel and proper nutrition to replenish your immune system. Maintain a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, protein, and fiber. Following chemotherapy and Taxotere treatment, you may find that your mouth is sensitive, dry, and prone to sores. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, and be gentle. Avoid foods and beverages that are too hot or too cold. The American Cancer Society has numerous tips for eating a healthy and balanced diet following cancer treatment, which can help boost your immune system.

Move Your Body

Exercise is another way to help your body recover and repair your damaged immune system. Studies show that physical activity improves immune defense activity and metabolic health, suggesting a positive relationship between exercise and immune support. Exercise can also improve mood, reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, and reduce neuropathy symptoms. Following treatment, consider starting slow. Yoga and flexibility exercises are an excellent place to begin, and you can build from there. Take short walks around the block or swim. These low-impact exercises can help you build cardiovascular fitness and support your immune system.

Other Ways to Improve Your Immune System

Rebuilding Immunity After TaxotereYou can do other things to improve your immune system following chemotherapy treatment. Consider adding these practices to your wellness routine:

  • Eliminate tobacco and alcohol
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Practice regular hand washing and good hygiene
  • Consider adding vitamins or supplements with approval from your doctor
  • Get regular checkups and follow your doctor’s recovery plan

Contact your physician immediately if you experience side effects or infections or have other concerns following chemotherapy treatment with Taxotere.

Do You Need an Attorney Following Treatment with Taxotere?

Rebuilding your immune system following chemotherapy treatment can be a painfully slow and overwhelming process. While you should be focusing on your health and wellness, you may be too consumed with managing the unexpected symptoms of a canalicular stenosis diagnosis as well. At Hotze Runkle PLLC, our legal team dedicates itself to helping individuals suffering from this undisclosed side effect pursue the justice and compensation they deserve.

If you have been diagnosed with canalicular stenosis after undergoing treatment with Taxotere, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Take our quiz to learn more, and call our office at (800) 763-6155 to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled attorneys.