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How the Value of Lost Wages Are Calculated in Taxotere Lawsuits


Taxotere has been a popular chemotherapy drug for treating various forms of cancer, such as prostate, breast, lung, and stomach cancers. It works by attacking and shrinking cancer cells so they stop growing and don’t spread throughout the body.

However, Taxotere has numerous adverse effects, including permanent hair loss and vision problems. Sanofi-Aventis, the drug’s manufacturer, knew about these potential complications but chose not to include them on the original warning labels.

Hotze Runkle PLLC understands how debilitating unexpected symptoms and medical conditions can be, especially when you’re already dealing with cancer and cancer treatments. If you have experienced preventable health conditions and related financial losses due to side effects associated with Taxotere. We can help you recover compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, and more. For a free consultation to learn more about how we can help, call us at (800) 763-6155 today.

Permanent Alopecia and Chronically Watery Eyes

Lawsuits against Sanofi allege the drug company knew about the risks of using Taxotere during chemotherapy but didn’t warn cancer patients or their doctors.

Permanent alopecia is a common undisclosed complication from Taxotere. Chemo drugs locate and attack cells that grow and multiply rapidly. But since Taxotere can’t differentiate between cancer cells and healthy, fast-growing cells, like those responsible for growing hair, sometimes it attacks both.

Although hair loss is a normal side effect of chemo, most patients’ hair regrows eventually. However, many patients have experienced permanent hair loss due to Taxotere treatments.

Another adverse effect of Taxotere is excessive eye watering. Researchers conducted studies and discovered the drug’s secretions interact with various bodily fluids as they travel through the body, including tears. That interaction causes inflammation, leading to chronic infections in the canaliculus or tear ducts.

Over time, these infections can develop obstructive buildup, causing the canaliculus to close. Canalicular stenosis is a permanent condition that leads to chronically watery eyes, blurry vision, swollen eyelids, and other problematic symptoms.

What Are Lost Wages in Taxotere Lawsuits?

Compensation for lost wages is money you receive to replace income you can’t earn at work due to an injury or illness. And regular hourly or salaried pay isn’t the only form of compensation included in compensation for lost wages.

Lost wage compensation can also include money to replace the following:

  • Overtime pay – Overtime is common for many employees. You can include your lost overtime in your lost wage claim if you regularly work beyond 40 hours per week. You can prove this loss with copies of previous pay stubs or a contract with your employer regarding overtime pay.
  • Bonuses – Your boss might give you a bonus at the end of each year or for working certain holidays. Proving unearned bonuses requires documentation such as past bank deposits or bonus checks. You could also have your employer provide a written statement detailing the bonuses you received before your injuries from Taxotere.
  • Vacation and sick days – The compensation you recover can also reimburse you for the value of any sick time or vacation days you had to use while you were ill. If you hadn’t had alopecia or eye damage symptoms, you might not have had to use your paid time off (PTO).
  • Commissions – Sales representatives, realtors, and other professionals depend on commissions to earn their living. If commissions are part of your compensation at work, you can claim reduced commission pay as part of your lost wages.
  • Company perks – Your employer might offer various perks, such as gym memberships, company vehicle use, or cell phone plans, as part of your job. If you cannot use these perks while out of work, you can seek compensation for the value of those lost benefits.
  • Tips – Claiming tips will be challenging if you haven’t previously reported them. You must have proof of tips you usually make by showing bank deposits, tax returns, or other documentation. You can claim reduced tip earnings as part of your lost wages if you have the right documentation.

How Are Lost Wages Calculated?

First, you must determine the total hourly or salaried income you missed out on.

Hourly Pay

Calculating hourly pay is pretty straightforward. If you’re an hourly employee, multiply your hourly wage by the number of hours you didn’t work due to your Taxotere injury. That will provide a starting point for your total lost wages.

Salaried Pay

Your calculations will involve an additional step if you work on salary. There are typically 2,080 work hours in one year, so you can determine your lost wages by dividing your annual salary by 2,080. Then, to calculate your lost income, you can multiply that by the number of hours you could not work.

Calculating your lost wages shouldn’t be too complicated. Still, the process might take longer if you have commissions, tips, or other unusual forms of compensation to factor into your total unearned wages. A Taxotere lawsuit attorney can help you account for your income losses and demand fair compensation.

What Evidence Do I Need to Prove Lost Wages?

HOW THE VALUE OF LOST WAGES ARE CALCULATED IN TAXOTERE LAWSUITS 2You deserve compensation for your lost wages, whether you could not return to your job for a few days, weeks, or years. But to claim the money you deserve, you must prove that your inability to earn a living is related to a diagnosed injury from using Taxotere during chemo treatments.

Helpful evidence you can use to prove your lost wages include:

  • Past paystubs showing your hourly or salaried income
  • Medical records showing your inability to do your job
  • Tax returns from previous years
  • A written statement from your doctor describing the limitations caused by your injury
  • Previous W-2 forms
  • Bank statements showing deposits from tips, commissions, and other work compensation
  • Employment contracts or letters from your employer detailing your typical wages and work-related duties
  • Copies of a job description outlining your occupational responsibilities

Seek Justice with Help from Hotze Runkle PLLC

If you developed serious health issues from using Taxotere, you shouldn’t have to stand up to Sanofi-Aventis and its corporate legal team alone. Call Hotze Runkle PLLC at (800) 763-6155 for a free consultation to learn more about holding the manufacturer of Taxotere accountable for your losses. You can also take our online case evaluation quiz to determine your eligibility for a lawsuit.