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National Taxotere Lawsuit Attorney Serving Nebraska

National Taxotere Lawsuit Attorney Serving Nebraska

If you or a loved one took the chemotherapy drug Taxotere during your cancer treatment in Nebraska and developed a condition known as “canalicular stenosis,” you may be entitled to compensation.

What is canalicular stenosis? The canaliculi are small tubes in the inner corner of the eyelid through which tears drain into the tear sac located in the nasal cavity. Canalicular stenosis is the closure of the canaliculi. When the tubes are closed, tears cannot drain into the tear sac and instead are forced to run down the face, a condition known as epiphora.

The medical literature has essentially proven that Taxotere can cause canalicular stenosis in cancer patients who received this common chemotherapy drug.

The Nebraska attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC have the experience and know-how to go up against the drug’s manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, on behalf of their clients who developed this unfortunate condition following their cancer treatment.

We will work diligently to collect all the evidence necessary to support your case and your claim for compensation. We understand how drug companies operate, and we will fight on your behalf until justice is served.

If you or a loved one suffered harmful side effects from the chemotherapy drug, Taxotere, take our quiz to learn if you are eligible for compensation now.

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    Do I Need a Nebraska Taxotere Lawyer? 

     If you have recently been diagnosed with canalicular stenosis after pursuing a course of chemotherapy with Taxotere, you are most likely confused and have many questions. The attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC can provide answers.

    The attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC will obtain and review all of your medical records to confirm your medical history and diagnosis canalicular stenosis.

    Your attorney will be able to explain to you, in terms that you can understand, how Taxotere caused damage to your eyes. They can recommend medical professionals for you to speak with, so that you can obtain opinions as to the treatment available to treat the unexpected side effects of Taxotere.

    Filing a claim against a large pharmaceutical company is a complicated process. An experienced Nebraska Taxotere attorney can help you navigate the path forward.

    Your attorney will be able to explain the process of bringing a products liability claim against the manufacturer of Taxotere.

    Products liability is a legal area that pertains to defective products that harm the end consumer.  To prevail against the drug company that manufactured Taxotere, you must prove that you were injured from the product that the company sold, that Taxotere was defective, and that it was the actual cause of your canalicular stenosis.

    Furthermore, in a products liability case, you will not have to prove intent. That is, you will not have to show that the pharmaceutical company failed to exercise due care. If there is a defect in the product that causes you harm, the company that made the defective drug is liable for your damages.

    Your Nebraska Taxotere attorney can also answer your questions regarding the compensation that you may be able to collect from the maker of Taxotere.

    For example, if your health insurance did not cover any of the treatment you received related to Taxotere’s side effects, you may be eligible to collect compensation for all of your medical expenses. Additionally, if you lost time from work related to the complications you experienced from taking Taxotere, you could be reimbursed for the income you lost for your period of disability.

    You may also be eligible for compensation for the pain and suffering you had to endure from the side effects your Taxotere treatment caused. Additionally, your spouse or partner may also be eligible to collect compensation for the loss they experienced due to your complications.

    Call the Nebraska Taxotere attorneys now at Hotze Runkle PLLC to discuss your case. They can handle all aspects of your claim, including obtaining all of your medical records and filing the necessary paperwork to initiate the claim. If they are unable to settle your case, they are ready, willing, and able to take the drug company to trial.

    The attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC will provide compassionate and diligent legal representation during a difficult period. Let us handle your Taxotere lawsuit so you can focus on what matters most, your health.

    Why Choose Hotze Runkle PLLC to Handle My Nebraska Taxotere Lawsuit? 

    National Taxotere Lawsuit Attorney Serving NebraskaThe attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC have been successfully litigating against companies that harm the public with defective products for over almost 15 years. Our first priority is you. We are committed to providing the best legal representation possible, knowing the difficulties that our clients face.

    When you hire our Nebraska Taxotere attorneys, we will begin working on your case immediately. We will conduct a thorough investigation of your case and request an exhaustive list of medical records to identify how you were harmed by Taxotere and the extent of your injuries.

    You will additionally have access to esteemed experts in the field, such as medical professionals, who will review your medical history to strengthen your case, and they may testify on your behalf.

    Our skilled attorneys will develop a solid, aggressive legal strategy to take on the pharmaceutical company. Entering a battle with a large pharmaceutical company is challenging, but we have the experience and resources to do so, and to win the compensation you deserve for your medical and financial obstacles.

    Hotze Runkle PLLC has successfully represented thousands of injured victims across the country, and has collected more than $100,000,000 in compensation for its clients.

    Our lawyers have been honored by the National Trial Lawyers Association as Top 100 Trial Lawyers and Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyers. Our lawyers are additionally members of the American Association of Justice, the Texas Trial Lawyer Association, the Capital Area Trial Lawyer Association, and the Christian Trial Lawyer Association.

    Our dedicated Taxotere lawyers have the know-how to protect your rights and secure the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

    Nebraska Taxotere Lawsuits

    Many cancer patients were prescribed a course of chemotherapy with the anti-cancer drug “docetaxel,” which is the generic name for Taxotere.

    Taxotere is primarily given to breast cancer patients, including advanced-stage breast cancer and early-stage breast cancer patients, whose cancer has spread to the lymph nodes after surgery.

    Canalicular stenosis is a serious side-effect of taking Taxotere. Once the ducts start to close, a condition called “epiphora” soon follows. This condition causes a person’s eyes to water to the extent that tears continually flow down the face because they have nowhere else to go. At the same time, the patient may be experiencing dry eyes.

    According to the medical literature, canalicular stenosis presents in cancer patients who took Taxotere on a weekly basis, on a bi-weekly basis, or even every three weeks. Hotze Runkle PLLC is able to handle the case for any cancer patient who underwent a course of Taxotere and developed canalicular stenosis.

    Most patients will experience epiphora when the Taxotere treatment begins. Once diagnosed, the condition may need to be repaired with an extensive and expensive eye surgery to open the closed eye ducts. This is typically done by placing silicone stents into the ducts to open the pathway to the tear sac.

    The sooner you report your symptoms of epiphora, the better the outcome you can expect.

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nebraska Taxotere Lawsuits

    How long will my Taxotere lawsuit take?

    Every clients’ situation may be different. Some cases will settle within a matter of months. Some cases will take a few years to resolve. The attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC will keep you apprised of the status of your case throughout the entire process, and are available to answer any questions that you may have.

    How much will Hotze Runkle PLLC’s legal services cost?

    The Nebraska Taxotere attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC work on a contingency basis. That means we don’t get paid unless we obtain a settlement or judgment on your behalf. You will never have to pay any fees upfront.

    How long do I have to file a lawsuit against the drug company?

    In Nebraska, a person injured by a defective drug has four years to bring a claim for their injuries. The clock begins to run when the injured person discovers, or reasonably should have discovered, the existence of the injury.

    It is imperative that you contact the Nebraska Taxotere attorneys as Hotze Runkle PLLC as soon as possible to ensure that you do not miss your opportunity to file a claim for your injuries.

    Call the Nebraska Taxotere Lawsuit Attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC Now

    If you are a cancer patient who took Taxotere during the chemotherapy phase of your cancer treatment, and developed canalicular stenosis, you should contact the attorneys at Hotze Runkle PLLC as soon as possible to learn if you are entitled to compensation.

    If you had cancer and developed watery eyes after your chemotherapy treatment, take our quiz to learn if you have a case.